Hummingbird Mint and my sweet CC’s rescue of me

Last Thursday, after working for a few hours (6:30 am-9:30 am) because that’s how I work now that I am wfh, I decided to walk outside and water my hummingbird plants on the deck. Besides watering the plants I need to change the food in my feeders frequently. After I assessed the situation, I attempted to wander in to bring one of the feeders in to change it and found the door locked. Gulp. The deadbolt was not locked but the lock in the knob was locked. I had no keys. My husband was at a doctors appointment 40 minutes away. My youngest daughter, CC, was inside but I was pretty confident I could not communicate my need to get in to her. CC is the sweetest 20 year old in the world but she has the cognitive skills of someone closer to 3. I was glad she was inside in the cool and not outside with me.

I had my phone (thank goodness for Audible which I’m always listening to when I take a break) and I called and texted my husband. No response. I decided to crawl off the deck (long story) to try to find windows that *might* be open. Much to my surprise and happiness I found one in the front yard (my husband was dismayed when I told him this part of the story–this window is in my office and he has further reason to distrust my security skills). I was thrilled but I wanted to look around to see if there was anything I could step up on to make the climb into the window less scratchy. It was going to be a bit of a climb on brick.

I wandered around the yard looking for anything to get a leg up. When I got back around to the back yard I saw that CC had opened the door and was outside on the deck but heading back inside. Would she close the door and lock it? I dropped what I was doing, ran through the gate, climbed back onto the deck (long story) to find she had wandered inside (it was hot) but sweet CC had left the door open for me. I was so happy.

4 thoughts on “Hummingbird Mint and my sweet CC’s rescue of me

  1. Phew….I’m glad you made it inside. CC was coming outside to check on you, mom. And that picture with the pink flower is amazing!

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