Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath

When Dad was here I subscribed to a newspaper because he likes a physical paper. The paper still arrives and this morning instead of going straight to my computer I sat down and read the paper. It was nice. I read several long form articles, including one on a drug for Alzheimer’s (there are pros and cons), an article about a Starbucks manager who had to quit due to bullying over “woke” culture and an article about the complete absence of freedom of religion in China. Then I did a puzzle. Find “these words” in the letter grid.That was super fun. I love puzzles and I’m really terrible at solving them. But it was fun to circle the words. I do the NYT mini crossword (online) every morning and I’m terrible at it.

I have many many beautiful pictures of hummingbirds –I will post them. My garden is gorgeous and I’ve got at least 5 or more hummingbirds coming regularly. But I labeled all of these pictures (below) as “not a hummingbird” and it was an absolute blast to watch. I think it’s a sparrow who decided the ant moat on the top of one of my hummingbird feeders was a bird bath and boy was I glad I had my camera. You can see this bird chilling, splishing and splashing and taking a bath. These are too many photos but you can scroll through them quickly to see the action and the splashes.

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