Walking Sticks, Bees, Butterflies (roses and Japanese Beetles)

When you’ve got the right plants if you’re lucky you’ll have hummingbirds but you’re also going to have other creatures. Here are a few that I’ve seen. I saw the Walking Stick (pictured below) for days in the same Salvia until I watered yesterday and it fled (they hop – who knew?) I’ve seen a hummingbird moth (pictured below), a green lizard and clouds of bees.

Roses – sheesh. They are so fiddly. Our new home had 13 rose bushes all in the front yard. Pretty much from the beginning of Spring they looked rough. When my friend Sally came to help us get set up w/Dad in May she went to a local nursery and got some spray to treat them. It helped somewhat and promoted new growth. Yesterday I put on gloves and went after them. We’ve got a PARTY today and I didn’t want dead rose buds and Japanese Beetles greeting our guests. Eventually I will look into tearing them out and replacing them with Hot Lips Salvia, Agastache Mint and Butterfly Bushes.

Party at 4:00. Family, family friends, ribs, poppers, and corn on the cob and little kids running through the sprinkler in the back! America! Dad is having a bit of a rough day. A little agitated but we will make it work.

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