Raspberry Wine

This is the name of magenta colored Bee Balm I referenced in my last post. I got a few shots and I’ll dead head it today but I’ll need to wear a hazmat suit. The bees love this bloom so much that when I try to cut them back they come after me. There are a few pictures at the bottom of some of the many bees loving on this plant.

On the Dad front, we continue to settle into a routine. I could not do it w/out the CNAs who come from Continued Care. These lovely people not only care for my father but they encourage us. They’ve worked in Assisted Living and know first hand that he is better off at our home. They’ve seen it all and little causes them stress. We are blessed with these angels.

Friday my friend Carolyn came over. We went back to say Hi to Dad. Dad smiled and greeted her. We chatted for a while and then explained that we were going to fix some dinner and we’d be right back. He gave us a thumbs up, smiled and said “Just like the old days”.

3 thoughts on “Raspberry Wine

  1. Sharon, as I read your posts, I am reliving the time a few years ago when my dad lived with us. You are doing exactly what we did and it warms my heart. You know the special connection my family has with hummingbirds and just seeing you do this for your father as well, I feel like we are spiritually connected in many ways. Whether you know it or not, you are making many people feel at peace through your pictures. God Bless!

  2. CNAs are angels that walk upon the earth, truly. I love your updates and I’m glad your dad seems to be adjusting well.

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