It’s been a very busy summer. Mostly filled with trying to move my father from an assisted living facility in Texas to our new home in North Carolina, which we purchased because it has a bedroom and full bathroom on the first floor for Dad. After having been at our previous house for 21 years where the hummingbirds returned early every year I had to start my hummingbird garden from scratch and was worried that I might not see hummingbirds for a while. Getting Dad here was the priority but moving and not being sure I’d have my hummingbird filled summers was a low level stress for me because well–it makes me happy to photograph them. After many complications and months of delay Dad finally arrived here three weeks ago. When he arrived we quickly realized that he needed constant care. My dear friend from Oklahoma, Sally, drove 3 days from OK to NC to help us hire the right people, cook for us and bring some normality to our now very different life. The first morning she was here she was standing in our sunroom and commented that there was a hummingbird. I ran to get my camera and was finally able to get a few shots very early in the morning. Sally is my good luck charm. I had one last year too and her name was Marsha. Whenever I spoke to her on the phone there was a hummingbird.

There are more pictures coming and more stories about my Dad. It’s been an adventure.

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  1. I know just what you are going through, having my dad move here from NY as well. You are a good daughter and I know he appreciates you. You are a natural with hummingbirds. I think they know what they mean to you and will seek you out no matter where you go! I love the pictures you posted. Warms my heart and makes me smile.

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