Getting ready for Hummingbird Season 2021

Like preparing for the holidays, prepping for Hummingbird Season is almost as fun as seeing the first hummingbird of the season. The first tangible step of preparation is getting new plants into pots. Since we’ve recently moved 30 minutes from our home of 21 years, I’ve started my garden from scratch. I bought some blooming plants at a local nursery and ordered some from Almost Eden Plants ( As usual the plants arrived in great condition (the candy corn had a few blooms!) I’ve got about 20 plants on my list, but the ones that arrived first are below: Amistad Salvia, Candy Corn vine, Hummingbird Mint (mango tango) and a Shrimp Plant. More will arrive in the next few weeks. A colleague mentioned that her mother has seen hummingbirds in the area so please cross your fingers for this anxious photographer that they find me in The Quay! Otherwise I’m going to have to move in with Elizabeth’s mother.

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