Lights! Family! Action!

The best things about Christmas are the same as the best things about weekends and every day. Family, friends, laughter, good food and good work. But Christmas gives me permission to make it all a little more festive with scented candles, glitter, sparkles, lights and two trees in my house that smell like heaven.

My sweet CC loves a lot of the same things I love about Christmas, but in particular she loves Christmas lights. All the lights! CC’s love for Christmas lights > my love for lights and I’ll bet yours.

Every morning when she awakes the very first thing CC does is to ask whoever is awake to turn the lights on. Not just the tree lights inside. ALL the lights. The garland over the fireplace, the garland on the bannister, the lights lining the pathway to our home, the lights on the outdoor holly trees, the wreath on the sunroom door, and the Santa in a sleigh with a reindeer in the front yard. This is such a high priority for CC that the requests, nay demands, happen before she picks up her beloved iPad, gummy vitamins or chocolate milk. You can see her looking out the front windows as she walks downstairs to see if the lights are on in the yard. She’ll fuss a great deal for you to get busy with the lights, even if you have other high priority tasks going on, such as letting the dogs out or turning on the coffee. It’s sometimes 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning and all of our lights are on, all day.

It’s a small thing and it makes me happy that it makes her happy.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and enjoying the festivities as much as CC does.

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