A Rufous Hummingbird in The Quay and update on The Meater (thermometer)

I have heard of Rufous hummingbirds but have never seen one in the wild. Until April 19th. I noticed a copper colored hummingbird in my flowers and then at the feeder. It couldn’t believe my eyes and wasn’t fast enough to grab my camera until it was at the feeder. It came for two days straight but I haven’t seen it for the last three days. Maybe it was migrating? It’s a lovely copper color. The top of the head is green with iridescent feathers. The neck is green or red depending on the way the light is hitting it.

Grilling Update

The Meater thermometer sometimes works. Establishing a connection between the app and the charger is reliable. The connection between the charger and thermometer is not reliable. My husband thinks it’s because I’m not cleaning the thermometer well. That could not possibly be true (it’s probably true). The investigation is ongoing. Regardless a brisket will be smoked tomorrow to celebrate the graduation of a dear friend who will be a Nurse Practitioner. I could (and should) write a whole post about Madison, who babysat my girls and now we are babysitting her lovely girl.

In the meantime, welcome Rufous! I hope you stick around, bring your friends and join us for the party!

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  1. I love this post. You have such a gift for photography and seeing the beauty in nature. And I need to get my hummingbird feeder up and out. First, I have to find the hummingbird food. It’s just one darn thing after another!.

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