Blossom’s woes and joys (and lots of Hummingbirds)

Woes: Sweet Blossom expresses distress when I leave her after taking her for a walk. Take a listen.

Joys: She’s also a Christmas dog apparently. Every morning since we put the tree up, here she is under her tree.

Hummingbirds: Meanwhile here are crops of some of the hummingbirds that will make one of the calendars.

2 thoughts on “Blossom’s woes and joys (and lots of Hummingbirds)

  1. Poor Blossom….that sound breaks my heart. And it looks like that tree needs to stay up year round! She enjoys the company of the tree.

    • It’s pretty amazing Julie. And you think she’s finally done but she picks right back up again. No one has ever loved me as much as Blossom does 🙂

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