April 26th: It’s a boy!

It can be difficult to determine the gender of a hummingbird. I mean there are 58 options on Facebook (LOL).

Ruby throated are usually easy if you get the right shot with the right light on the throat. However if you get a good enough shot of the wings you can tell whether it’s a male or female by the tapering of the sixth feather. It’s rounded for females and more tapered for males which you can see in the first and last shot. The top right shot shows pollen on the nose of this guy.

It’s early days in Hummingbird Season but I’m not gonna lie, I’m always super sad when a day goes by after the first day I see one (April 1st) and I fail to see one. We all have our psychoses to live with, right? (My husband agrees if you thought “Yes you sure do you weirdo.”)

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