Ready and waiting…

In my preparation for Hummingbird Season, I’ve ordered some plants that attract hummingbirds. My deck is already filled with beautiful turquoise planters and hummingbird plants from last season but I’ve no idea which of those plants will grow back after our North Carolina winter. There are blooms in some of the pots but I don’t know recognize them yet.

Almost Eden Plants ships plants on Monday and they arrive on Wednesday. The plants are in sturdy boxes, wrapped in corrugated cardboard, plastic, rubber banded and taped so they aren’t jostled in transit. John surrounds the base of the plant with damp newspaper. They always look great when they arrive.

Hopefully they’ll bloom soon. Feeling a little ridiculous with the cold front and 50 degree weather this weekend, but it was 70 on Friday! Crossing my fingers! Down to 30’s tonight and the plants sleep with blankets when it’s that cold 🙂 When they bloom I’ll post the names of the plants.

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